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Sticking post-it® directly on mailboxes

Unique product to reach target group by using a simple message system which usually does not use leaflet form of advertisement. Within the product, we offer our clients the production of links in various formats and colors together with sticking the messages to the population's mailboxes. It's the most ideal way for you to add a complementary form of ad campaign, such as opening new outlets, addressing pre-defined parts of regions, cities, or an effective alert for the current service or product. It is characterized by an immediate reaction of the addressed target group.

Service includes:

  • Support in creating a distribution plan to reach customers in the most effective way
  • Digitization and graphical visualization using maps
  • Design of a distribution plan based on geographic segmentation
  • Implementing the campaign itself by sticking post-it® messages to the population's mailboxes
  • Multi-step delivery quality control and final report about the progress
  • Private zone - all information, statistics, maps and results of controls in one place

Additional services to product MEMO.POST:

  • Printing and production of materials
  • A creative campaign solution that will attract and appeal to the client
  • Graphic and database work related to the printing of materials
  • Sampling - Simultaneous delivery of samples for selected areas

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