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non-addressed delivery

Choose from the following non-addressed delivery products:


Advertising, promotional, marketing materials, direct mails, catalogs, or samples. 

Distribution days: 

  • Monday - Tuesday
  • Thursday - Friday

Dimensions and weight: 

  • Minimum: 80 x 50 mm
  • Maximum: 250 mm x 353 mm x 10 mm (thickness)
  • Up to 150 g

Flyer Printing: 
YES, including material, based on agreement with client 

We can also provide Joint inspection and Geomarketing Services

Since 1995 we have been providing non-addressed delivery of leaflets and marketing materials to people's mailboxes. Through nine branches and with over 3 500 deliverers we offer you cost-effective and inexpensive services of the highest quality. Delivery is also possible during weekends. With our cutting edge geo-marketing tools, socio-demographic knowledge of individual areas and years of experience, we create optimal distribution plans, flexible digitization and map visualization for each client. Cost optimization thus uses accurate targeting together with high delivery quality. We also offer our clients servicing beyond the borders of the Slovak Republic. By working with us, you will be able to deliver through our partners in the Czech Republic and Austria.

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