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Printing and packing


  • the latest technology in the form of an OCE ColorStream 3700 Z full-colour inkjet printer with a capacity of up to 1,800,000 pages per day in full colour
  • 2 continuous Oce JetStream 1500 full-colour digital printing lines with a capacity of up to 3,500,000 pages per day in full colour
  • sorting line
  • Canon image PRESS C6011 full-colour production sheet printer
  • 3 envelope lines for window envelopes with capacity of 864,000 envelopes per day
  • 2 envelope lines with dynamic colour printing with capacity of 864,000 envelopes per day


  • offset outputs (leaflets, inserts, catalogues, preprints, self-copying materials)
  • personalised digital documents (including TransPromo statements and invoices as standard, printing of direct mail campaigns, photo books, book printing down to a single unit, selfmailers, personalised envelopes)
  • a combination of personalised offset and digital printing (tickets, thermal rolls for payment systems, special advertising materials, coupons, loyalty programmes)


  • automated enveloping for window envelopes, automated envelope wrapping during the enveloping process
  • manual enveloping in lettershop (including 3D items)
  • production of delivery envelopes with personalization when enveloping documents


(colour advertising on shipments or envelopes):

  • flexibility - we print more than a million personalised pages per day
  • attractiveness - produce in colour and give your materials a more attractive and modern appearance
  • functionality - thanks to our multiple personalisation options, we can help you create a completely new level of communication

Take advantage of our unique technologies, quality services and excellent customer service. Our company is the market leader in personalised printing, where we use the latest technological processes and have above-standard printing capacities. We are at the forefront of technological innovation and this is the reason we decided to invest into an OCE ColorStream 3700 Z as the latest ink-jet printing technology. We have years of experience with Canon equipment and their excellent service support. New technology delivers higher print quality, reduced paper and power usage, the ability to print on a broad range of media and new flexibility in production. Oce ColorStream 3700 Z. is a highly-flexible and universal full-colour inkjet printer for printing rolled paper with speeds of up to 100 m per minute; designed for the efficient printing of transactional and marketing mailings and for publication and commercial applications. This printing line is suitable for printing complex and unique documents and publications. We have also invested into finishing equipment, specifically folding and marking equipment capable of producing atypical shipments in a variety of formats.


  • layout (sheet templates, personalisation, design proposal ... )
  • DTP work (modification and proposal of the design and print materials)
  • database processing (completeness check, duplicates, verification)
  • optimisation of customer data content for print outputs
  • reporting covering received, processed and sent data


  • sorting, binding
  • preparation of accompanying documents for the post office
  • reporting for the client (times, quantities and types of postal shipments)


More information can be found here

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