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Direct marketing services

In addition to addressed and non-addressed delivery, we provide our clients with comprehensive services and advice in the field of preparation and production of direct marketing consignments.

Service includes:

  • Strategy and campaign creatives
  • Database and analytics products (dtb verification, segmentation dtb, etc.)
  • Selection and address rental based on selected criteria
  • Geo-marketing socio-economic analysis
  • Comprehensive call center services (surveys, up sell, cross sell, sales ...)
  • DTP work (edit and design proposal and printing)
  • Loyalty programs - goal setting, processing of the rules, communication proposal, database structure, data analytics including privacy policy

Do you want stand out from your competitors? We have a solution for you!


selfmailerIn the area of direct communication with clients, KOLOS comes with a creative and effective solution. In direct mail creation, we offer a variety of sophisticated solutions and individual forms of customization that allow you to maximize the attention of your clients while at the same time differentiating yourself from your competitors. Selfmailer is full-color, without a direct marketing envelope, solution with multiple personalization capabilities and low production costs. Depending on client's request, this solution can consist of coupon perforation, sample insertion, or any other non-standard shipping format.

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