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We introduced a new product to the market, in addition to comprehensive addressed and non-addressed services and direct marketing. Customers in the banking, insurance, energy and water supply companies, telecommunications operators, leasing, collection, factoring and other companies require specific delivery methods and capabilities for the production and delivery of value-added items containing sensitive data. Our reliable and trained personnel of delivering dealers ensures delivery of such special consignments all over Slovakia.

The service contains options:

  • Delivery of back mail
  • Cross Sell and Upsell
  • Delivery of photocopy of the required documents
  • Production, printing and back office services
  • Collection and processing of sensitive data on the field, including payments or debits
  • Utilization of the most modern technology based on on-line processes
  • High flexibility of scenarios for field work
  • Individual approach to the client


Want to be the best? We have a solution for you!


What will you gain?

  • Customer focus and speed of processing
  • Knowledge of the product and its professional presentation on the market
  • Flexibility of meetings and time spent with clients
  • Feedback from clients
  • Accuracy check of the product delivery
  • Individualization of systems and processes
  • Online photo documentation from a meeting, delivery of the product
  • Individual professional approach

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