Consignment production

Our endeavor is to offer you truly comprehensive services. Therefore, in addition to addressed and non-addressed distribution, we are able to ensure complete production of your consignments. By that we mean processing graphic design, supply of consumables (paper, envelopes) and, of course, printing and enveloping.

Service includes:

  • Layout and dtb processing (sheet templates, personalization, design proposal ...)
  • BP printing (digital continuous OCE printers)
  • Fully color printing (laser, Jetstream); transpromo
  • Printing on heat-resistant media
  • Wrapping lines (envelope in envelope, delivery envelopes, printing)
  • Enveloping in window envelopes
  • Foil stamping, consignment labeling (magazines, catalogs)
  • Hand packaging (3D inserts, magazines, catalogs, etc.)


We also offer additional services to our clients:

  • Complete outsourcing of document processing
  • E-billing and archiving
  • Courier services - both in the Slovakia and the Czech Republic (D + 1, cash on delivery, parcels, parcel locker, post locker ...)
  • Bookbinding work
  • Logistics and storage services
  • Large-format digital printing

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