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Postal company KOLOS

KOLOS has been operating in the postal market since 1995 and is currently one of the largest postal companies in the postal liberalized market. Since the beginning of its existence, it has focused primarily on non-addressed distribution. Over the next two years, it has set up a nationwide distribution network covering up to 95% of the population Slovak republic. Simultaneously, the company worked on identifying all delivery points, including linking them to map data. In practice, it has begun to offer sophisticated geo-marketing services for non-addressed distribution - selection of distribution sites based on client's selected parameters. Of course, there was an offer of print services of promotional materials or, for example, specialized delivery of advertising leaflets on door handles, post-it on mailboxes, etc. These decisions have also helped the company to become number two in the non-addressed distribution market that provide these services to a wide range of major retail companies. It delivers more than 360 million pcs. of non-addressed consignments annually.

The natural ambition for the gradually liberalized postal market was to enter the addressed distribution service. This happened in 2008. At the beginning, it was first delivery of addressed mail with higher weights, especially with the contents of magazines, catalogs and direct mail. In cooperation with major suppliers of letter shop services, KOLOS has also begun to provide printing, enveloping, foiling and / or consignment labeling to its clients. The identification of each consignment and the monitoring of its movement throughout the distribution provided customers with services that were not a standard within the market until then. For example, resolving complaints within 48 hours, or an electronic resulting report of undeliverable consignments along with the reasoning for the unsuccessful delivery. Since 2012, KOLOS has also launched delivery of consignments up to 50 g, so called transactional consignments such as bank statements and invoices. KOLOS is currently delivering more than 6 mil. consignments in addressed distribution per year. Foreign postal administrations as well as many important companies in Slovakia are part of the client list of KOLOS.

In the third decade of its existence, KOLOS has expanded its service portfolio. Of course, focusing on the complexity of the offer in the field of communication, sales promotion and distribution of goods. It has also begun to offer its clients a call center, database management service, or, for example, a premium courier service.

By working with us you get the following benefits:

  • A stable partner in the conception, production and delivery of postal consignments
  • We are a guarantee of a quality solution based on our many years of experience
  • Optimizing your postage, shipping and production costs
  • A sophisticated quality control system
  • We offer you comprehensive value-added services
  • Individual pro-client solutions
  • High flexibility and responsibility

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