Direct marketing services

In addition to addressed and unaddressed delivery services, we offer to our clients full spectrum of services and advisory on preparation and production of direct marketing letters.

The service includes:

  • database management
  • printing of letters and promotional materials
  • provision of packaging material and envelopes including coloured prints and personalization
  • lettershop services (letter folding, enclosure of other items, enveloping, embedding, labelling, personalization, ...)

Do you want to set yourself apart from your competition? We have a solution for you!


selfmailerKOLOS presents a creative and effective solution in the field of direct client contact. We offer various sophisticated tailored personalization methods that aid in drawing attention of clients as well as set you apart from your competitors. Selfmailer is a colourful envelope-less solution for direct marketing letters allowing for multiple personalization and low production costs. Based on the preferences of the client, we provide coupon perforation, sample enclosure, as well as atypical formats for your direct marketing campaigns.

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